What is Calmbirth®?

Imagine a calm and joyful beginning to your baby’s life. It is possible. Calmbirth® is a simple yet effective childbirth education program which acknowledges the amazing ability of a mother’s body to work as one with her unborn child to give birth. Calmbirth® empowers the mother and her partner to experience birth with wonder and joy.

Birth is a natural process which should be experienced fearlessly, calmly and with confidence. Calmbirth® teaches pregnant mothers, fathers or birthing companions the skills to accomplish such an experience. Calmbirth® encourages mothers to surrender to the process of their labour and birth no matter how it unfolds. If, for some reason intervention is needed couples can use the skills learnt in the Calmbirth® classes to meet any challenge they encounter calmly and without fear.

How Calmbirth® Can Help You

Calmbirth® classes help parents understand how a woman’s body is designed to birth a baby naturally and how with preparation, communication and support a woman can approach labour with a confident and positive mindset.

Birth is an opportunity to transcend; it brings us into being on many levels.

Embracing labour and developing the confidence to have faith that our innate inner wisdom will help guide us through the birthing experience and the miracle of life is invaluable.

I am committed to helping others learn how to approach birth with such positivity. There is nothing more amazing than a calm and gentle birth and the joy that such a rich, bonding experience brings for the mother, her baby, partner and family.



Calmbirth® workshop includes:


  • How to alleviate the fear and tension of pregnancy and childbirth.
  • How to access your own inner resources and strength
  • Simple Relaxation, Breathing and Visualisation skills.
  • Massage for labour and birth
  • How a woman’s body is wonderfully designed to birth her baby.
  • The importance of beliefs and attitudes about birth & how these can profoundly affect a couples experience.
  • The importance of bonding with your baby and how this can impact your child’s life.
  • How to parent consciously.
  • To be empowered to create the birthing experience you dream of.
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