calmbirth® refresher course

A calmbirth® refresher is a special time to set aside during your pregnancy for this baby. Refreshers remind you of your inner resources, relaxation, visualisation and breathing skills. It is also valuable time to reflect on what you would like to change or focus on for this birth.

Options in doing a calmbirth® refresher:

  • Attend a group refresher
  • Attend a private session (one on one)
  • Attend segments of the two day calmbirth course

The calmbirth® refresher program includes:

  • Opportunity to discuss birth
  • Revision of the relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques
  • Hormones and the physiology of labour and birth

This refresher is all you need “to top up” for the rest of the pregnancy and birth. Five hour session for those who have completed a full calmbirth workshop previously.

Please contact me for details.

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