Barb & Drew

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I’m so excited to be able to tell you my story….All I can say is GO CALMBIRTH!!
My waters broke at 9.30am, went to the hospital to check the baby’s heart rate, everything was good so they said we could go home. They suggested a walk to get things moving along and told us to come back at lunch so the Dr could check me out. So we went for a walk along the river and mycontractions started on their own. Went home after that and spent the next few hours using the breathing techniques and lots of swaying/rocking whilst leaning over the bench/couch/sink/hubby and they gradually increased in intensity, though very bearable and no pain! I was amazed at how fantastic I felt. It was so true about all those women on your DVDs saying it felt like pressure….It was amazing that I didn’t feel any pain. At lunch we went back to the hospital and I was hooked up to the CTG and the Dr examined me. (at 1pm he said I was 3cm dilated but he could stretch me to 5-6cm and lots of extra fluid came out- and got his sleeve hehe). They let us go home again (very happy about that) as I was progressing nicely. Told us to come back when the doctor’s surgery closed at around 5pm. So went home and spent some time sitting and breathing through the waves listening to our relaxation music whilst Drew had a sleep!!! They started to slow, so I got up and moved about then they increased and I was starting to get noisier. Threw up twice, and knew things were getting closer when I was grunting and starting to feel a lot of pressure, and feeling like I wanted to push. I was very ready to get to the hospital at this point, about 5pm, so we drove there, me screaming at Drew to hurry up as all I wanted to do was push my baby out!

Got to the hospital, and walked straight into the birthing suite as all I wanted to do was push, but was told to wait for the Dr as he wanted to see if I was fully dilated. He came about 20 mins later and after a lot of huffing and puffing and trying not to push, he checked me out and the baby was already in the birth canal! I’d done all the hard work at home! So I got to feel the baby’s head and it was a finger length away from arriving! Very promising that it was so close! By this time it was hard work, but still no pain! I had about an hour of pushing, lots of pressure, and feeling like I wanted to poo! Drew was great, offering me water, and not talking, and letting me grab his arm as I pushed with all my might. The midwife had read our birth preferences, which I had followed from the calmbirth booklet and she respected our needs and didn’t speak unless I asked a question, and no drugs were suggested. I didn’t even consider them anyway! Amazing! After lots of pushing on all fours on a bean bag on the floor, I changed positions. Standing up was too hard, and lying on my side on the bed was too awkward, so I ended up delivering her on the bed on all fours, and the only time I felt any pain was when she crowned. We have a beautiful healthy baby who I adore with all my heart! I’d like to thank you Kerri-Ann for teaching me about calmbirth, and empowering me to have the best birth I could ever have imagined. It was a fantastic experience, and people are amazed when I tell them I had a great birth, and I pass all the accolades onto calmbirth in the hope that more women can learn about this fantastic way to bring a child into the world.
So all up, I would say from start to finish, it took about 8.5hours, and I was expecting double that! The midwife who was there during my birth kept saying how well I had progressed, and how calm and relaxed I was, and I know that I couldn’t have done it without calmbirth. Summer’s heart rate was consistent throughout the birth and I felt totally in control and able to cope with all that labour had to bring.
So thank you once again!!
lots of love, Barb