Marg and Ken

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For the first several months of my pregnancy I was in denial about the birth. Then when we started researching pain relief methods, my husband and I quickly reached the conclusion that we would ideally like to avoid using any pain relief or intervention if possible.
After doing the calmbirth course with Kerri-Ann, Ken and I went from being somewhat apprehensive about the upcoming birth to feeling empowered and confident. My labour was reasonably long and, some would say, difficult (20 hours, posterior, nearly 2 ½ hours of pushing), but our baby’s heart rate was constant throughout the labour. We put this down to the way I was able to avoid distress. We feel certain that we were able to avoid intervention and to have a natural beautiful birth due to the techniques that Ken and I learnt from calmbirth and were able to use together during the labour.
We would highly recommend calmbirth to anyone who wants to lose their fear and be in control during their baby’s birth, giving themselves and their baby a positive birth experience. The calmbirth classes with Kerri-Ann are a fascinating and very enjoyable way to prepare for your baby’s arrival together as a couple… Marg and Ken